The Holy Spirit part 2

The Holy Spirit brings us both gifts to use and enables us to bear fruit, fruit that will last: love can be felt, peace that will flow, forbearance that will calm you, kindness that will bless yourself and others, goodness that will emanate from you, faithfulness that strengthen you, gentleness that is felt and self- control that empowers you; all these fruits can be seen, felt, experienced, recognised and come to aid us profoundly in our spiritual life.

Much can be said of each of these amazing fruits. But most important is that their presence in a person and in their actions can be seen, felt and even tasted, as St Ignatius taught us. They cannot be falsified in anyway. Only the truth of these fruits will be felt in the heart, when the person acts with integrity and truly flows with God.

The gifts of the Spirit are many and given as needed to fulfill God’s work here on Earth. They are much needed if you are to follow the path of the   holy way.

Take a moment to reflect upon the gifts that God has given you personally and the fruits that bear witness and bring Glory to God..

Do not be afraid of God’s gifts, freely given, to benefit mankind, but use discernment to know what truly comes from God. Discernment is a specific gift of the Spirit, much needed, on the spiritual path, so that you know that what you seek and what you speak and how you act, is absolutely true.

Pray often for discernment. It is a much needed and desirable gift!

Let us look a little closer at the gifts of the spirit.

The gifts of the Spirit are gifted to us by God to use in his service. Speaking of the gifts of the Spirit can make some people feel uncomfortable, even afraid. But let us remember that the power of God is beautiful and only goodness can flow from such a gift. It will feel and taste true. You will know in your heart if this is truly the Holy Spirit come upon you, for you will feel His power and His joy within you, as you pray and praise and sing or even dance in the Spirit. And when you speak with authenticity, there will be an echo of joy and a resonance in the truth that you speak, that is easily discernible by others, for it brings rightness and truth burns within their hearts too, if it is truly of God.

There is nothing to fear from God’s gifts. For God is love and that love can be felt in the movement of the Spirit and the peace in your heart, as you are lifted into the energy of the awesome mighty Trinity, where miracles happen and joy is complete.


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