The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Here are some of the main gifts:

discernment, knowledge, wisdom, speaking in and interpreting tongues, prophecy, miracles and healing.

The gift of Discernment is desperately needed on a spiritual path. We all need discernment to understand God’s meaning and message. The Word of God is whole and complete yet we may not necessarily understand it or recognise it fully. We need to know when we feel a prompting, whether this is a message from God or not. The Ignacian way of sensing whether something is true or not, whether it feels and tastes right, can offer sound spiritual practice, helping us trust what is truly of God or what might be borne of ego and self -righteousness or from sin, mischief or even sadly, from evil sources.

The gift of Knowledge concerns direct knowledge given to you by God, that you could not possibly have come by through any other channel. It is a gift for sharing at the right moment. Discernment is required if you have this gift, as you need to know how and when to use it sensitively.

The gift of Wisdom enables us to feel and know God’s truth in our hearts and that truth will sing and shine and burn with the power of the Holy Spirit resonating within us. The gift of Wisdom is a wonderful gift, for you are given understanding and the deepest knowing of truth.

When Wisdom is revealed it could come from no other source than God pouring His spirit upon you.

It seems wise, then, that if you are in any doubt, do not trust that the way ahead is safe, unless wisdom and discernment are clear. Prayer will help with this, especially if we knock on the door of the Lord for wisdom, seek understanding and ask for guidance. Spiritual Direction from a trusted person may also be a useful guide.

The gift of speaking in tongues and interpreting tongues – anyone believing that they have a gift of the Spirit needs to know that this is a true gift, freely given and willingly received. If you are given the gift of tongues, it is important to know that this is truly a gift from God. Sometimes there will be singing in tongues, others speaking or praying. It is our understanding that these gifts need discernment. Singing is a form of pure praise. Prayer is spoken through us, especially when we do not know how to pray of our own limited knowledge or capacity, the Spirit will speak to God for us.

If the Spirit speaks in a group, however, there must be an interpretation of tongues made. This interpretation must be made by someone else, other than the speaker, who can recognise the message and the meaning, as this is a prophecy and of benefit to the people. It is totally a gift of the Holy Spirit and rings true in the heart of the hearer.

The gift of Miracles is everywhere. We truly believe this.

We must develop eyes to see and ears to hear though. Miracles are given from God. They are not of the world. They sparkle with the power of the Spirit. They feel and taste true. Again, on hearing of miracles, let us ask God for the gifts to keep us safe and truly discern whether they are true and come from the Heart of Love, to bring joy, wonder and goodness to the world.

It is said that Miracles are a gift of the Spirit, therefore let us ask with all confidence and pray for what is seemingly impossible, from our earthly perspective and limited view. God works in mystery. There are amazing answers to prayer, both for seemingly small and huge requests. To pray for a miracle of healing is to trust utterly in God. It is to have true faith.

To see His response, requires wisdom, for the answer may not be what is expected, even hoped for, yet still may be awesome, wondrous and miraculous.

Let us pray in confidence now:

I place my heart

I place my body

I place my hope

I place my hurt

All in You Lord

I ask for a miracle

Knowing miracles

Will be


I trust in You

And I thank youwith all my being.


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