The Gift of Healing


 The gift of healing is what highlights Jesus’ ministry for many. It is one very visible sign of miracles. It is this particular gift that comes to mind when we think of Christ’s mission and His mercy. Yet Jesus himself tells us that there will be those who can perform mightier works even than He did on Earth. This is incredible and wonderful. How much healing is needed in the world? There are so many levels of need, not just spiritual or emotional healing, but physical and mental, for there are many wounds, in the way of the world, inflicted upon people.

Let us ask then in confidence for healing for people and not only healing but cure, if the Spirit prompts you. We do believe this prompting leads us to know how and what to pray for each person.

In my wife’s life, she is desperately ill and the intensity of suffering that she has experienced over two decades, is beyond description or words. Many people have prayed for her, down the years and continue to pray for her physical healing, myself included. We hear of how others are healed completely, where she still suffers agonies daily.

 We can not know how the Spirit works in each persons life, why one miraculous healing is given or one request specifically answered, whilst for another it is not answered in the hoped for way. Yet we have received countless blessings and been touched deeply by love, healed innerly of deeply traumatic experiences, never thought possible to get over, forgiven things that we would never have thought forgivable and miraculously she was saved from near death, specifically, we believe, due to prayer. Yet still she is not well.

 But the relationship we both have with God and the amazing gifts of wisdom, discernment and prayer He has granted to us, are a wonder and a joy and a great saving grace. Thus we feel God is using us both, even in the intense depths of agony and suffering, borne out of severe illness and caring, transforming us and healing us both in different ways, bringing new insights, greater wisdom and knowledge, blessing our life each day and bringing new possibilities to serve.

 We still hope with all our hearts that she will be well. I do believe and know that God could touch and heal her right now.

Miracles of healing are not just historical. They are in all our lives, if only we ask in true prayer with confidence in the Lord, in His love for each one of us and if we seek and look with discernment, if our hearts and intentions are pure and we wait upon the Lord, we will see our prayers are answered, people are helped and healing takes place, sometimes immediately, other times, slowly, sometimes partial, other times fully. God works through us all differently.

Yet always there will be love and mercy, for this is the heart of God’s will for us. As a very wise and humble servant of God said to us one time, ” God knows what he is about.”

 Let us pray a prayer of healing for ourselves or anyone else that may be in need:

 Lord in your mercy

Tenderly heal me.

Lord fill me with your holy peace

Not of this world.

Lord bless me

With your healing presence.

Restore me now to full health.

Lord strengthen me

With the Power of Your Spirit.

Ease the burdens that I carry.

Lord comfort me

With Your Tender heart.

Release me from all pain.

Lord console me

With the truth of Your love.

May all mercy be received.


 Let us not be afraid, but ask for the gifts of the Spirit, then, trusting that we will receive whichever gifts God wants us to use in his service and let us rejoice in the gifts we are given. Amen

Let us call upon the Holy Spirit with confidence and trust that He will respond imminently, for when we call upon the Spirit, we are saved and blessed.

We know we will be heard and answered:

Come Holy Spirit 


Come in power

Come in might

Touch and heal us

Protect and comfort us

Renew and strengthen us

All in the power 

Of Your Love



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