Who art in heaven


Those who suffer are very close to Christ and walk intimately with him; that has been our experience these last two decades. The second phrase of the Our Father then : “who art in heaven” is particularly special in this context.

This God who is asking us to call him “father” is none other than the one who created life itself. We cannot see or know him as he is and thus the son is sent from heaven to earth, that we may all be lifted up with him to the finer, clearer, most unimaginably beautiful light of heaven, where we might be reunited with the father.

The son is the key to finding and knowing and growing in the love of the father, as he reveals to us when he tells the disciple Phillip, that if he has seen him, then he has seen the Father.

The most incredible thing about Jesus Christ, the son of man, is that it is only through him that we are truly enabled to find God in heaven, for it is Jesus who is the way to eternal life, which we will experience fully, when we finally meet the father in heaven.

For Jesus says that no one can come to the Father except through him. He tells us that If we know him, then we know his father too and that that moment we know him and have seen him. How incredible is that?!

However Jesus also promises that if we live in him, that he and the father will come to live with us and make their home in us. And all we have to do is love him and keep his word! Thus in some most mystical and wonderful way, we must surely be touched by heaven on earth.


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