Hallowed be thy Name

This is an acknowledgement of the glory and wonder and holiness of the Father who is heavenly. To utter these words and to truly enter into them is to praise the name of God; the name of God that is utterly holy, all-powerful and that power is beyond our comprehension.

Acknowledging the holiness of God’s name, lifts us into the wonder of the glory of God and helps us to transcend all earthly things.

It sets us free to see and know the truth of all possibility and that is love.

In prayer, awe and amazement we approach God in a tremendously intimate way and are touched by heaven so perfectly. Let us be aware then, when we pray this prayer and say Our Father, just how incredible and holy this communication is!

Let us not just say it quickly, thoughtlessly, out of habit, without due reverence and humility in our hearts. Let us feel the mystery as we pray.


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