Thy Kingdom Come

It is important to remember that in the days when this was spoken the kingdom was not seen as land so much as people. The kingdom is the people and God’s kingdom is God’s people living in God. By living in prayer, by trusting and believing in God, by asking in faith, by earnestly seeking God’s will, by following God’s holy word, we too enter more fully into the kingdom and that kingdom is all goodness, all knowing, all beauty. Why would we not want to ask that this be so ?

In truth, the kingdom of God is entered into through Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who unites us with the Father. They are inseparable. It is the awesome nature of Jesus Christ, who strides both heaven and earth, in the most unique and singular way, who enables this holiness, this entering into oneness, which enables the kingdom to be truly here.

The kingdom of God is not something somewhere else, or some inanimate object or some finite possession. It is living, breathing people, who as part of the Kingdom of God, by living in Him and He in them, bring God right here, right now, in a very immediate and immanent way. It is this concept of Kingdom as being alive, active and present, that makes it so exciting to be a Christian. It makes every moment of life alive with the wonder and power and presence of God. How incredible is that ?

Let us not forget that the sick and the dying, the suffering and the grieving, the less visible in community are still very much a part of the kingdom of God, in fact, there is no separation between any of us and God.

They often have great gifts to share with those more able and visible. The kingdom of God is inclusive and not boundaried by a church building, which must not be allowed to become a barrier to communion and fellowship, nor love in action. The Spirit knows no bounds.

Let us remember Jesus own words when he told Nicodemus that you never know where the wind comes from or where it is going.This is also how it is for the people born of the Spirit, they are alive with the Spirit and the Kingdom of God is close at hand and not limited or controlled by man or limited to one place or building. God lives in our hearts and frees our spirits. Let us follow the Spirit then and go where he leads, using discernment as our guiding compass.


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