Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven

When we think of the will of the Father, our view and knowledge of the Father can obscure the beauty of asking that the Father’s will be done. We need to comprehend, as fully as is possible, the love of the Father for his Son and for all creation, especially his little children on earth.

If God is seen as a strict and authoritarian Father then we might think that his will would be punishing, directive and severe. We might whisper these words with fear tinging our prayer.

This is so far from the truth of the will of God, for His will is mercy, love, truth, goodness.

As it is in heaven so shall it be on earth, qualifies the beauty and the wonderful nature of God’s will. It must be all things good. As we ask that the will of the Father be done, we are not giving up our freedom to choose, but rather we are choosing freely to enter into the flow of goodness that proceeds from the Father through  the Son.

We are asking to enter into the flow of the power of the Holy Spirit who brings mercy, healing, hope, joy and abundant gifts, from the Father who is absolute love.

In order that we know the will of the Father we need the gifts of wisdom and discernment,  particularly discernment, because even though we ask for this path, it is still not always clear to us necessarily what that will might be.

Often there are several or many paths to choose, all may be the will of the Father or some may be illusory or false.

The way to discover the truth of the will of God is to ask “does this path flow with goodness and mercy?”

Then when we follow, we must trust in the will of God that he is walking with us as we walk with him. A path may not seem necessarily obvious to be the will of God, when viewed with earthly eyes.

The path of the Cross can seem foolish, had we not discerned the awesome truth of the power of  love at work in this way.

We need to stay very close then and pray often and without ceasing, if we are to feel safe and sure of our direction. We need to look with a spiritual focus to what we see before us.


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