Thy will be done on earth part 2


Let us also not forget that the “Our Father” is Jesus’ prayer to his Father, to help him to flow in the goodness and mercy and love that ultimately leads him to and through his own death, to bring life to us all. We therefore need to ask for the gifts of the Spirit to strengthen us and enable us and give us the inner knowing of truth and the strength of faith, to participate fully in the will of God.

Sometimes we will have difficulty living in the will of the Father, because of the nature of being human ; our intention may be good, but we are complex creatures with many different parts that are hurt and wounded.

Sometimes we act badly or we don’t necessarily flow peacefully with the highest path that we can take, but the wonder and the beauty and the goodness of God, mean that love and mercy are always available to us, so that even if we get it wrong, we react badly, say hurtful things or act irresponsibly, even then, God does not desert us.

By calling his name and asking for help we can enter more fully again into goodness. We can realign our path with love.

Because his will is always goodness then even when we get things wrong his will is to bring goodness from that, so that we can never be far away from the goodness of God and his will to bring mercy, healing, light, hope, to the world.

That is the meaning of Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross; to take in all sin, all hurt, all the wrongness of the world and to return it to love and bring us back to know the love of the Father, in all fullness.

This is why we cry out “Abba, Father” , as Jesus himself did on the cross, knowing he will hear and love us and all through the love of his Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ, who acts in oneness with him.


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