Let us not forget to contemplate and affirm the Amen, that so small word, with huge meaning, which we say at the end of this most wonderful, powerful prayer.

“So be it,” we say. This is the absolute confirmation from all of our being that we want what we pray for, to be so.

We ask for food. It will be received. We ask for help. Help will be given. We ask for protection. Evil will be banished.

This is an amazing acceptance of the love and power of God working with us and in us and through us too.

Amen. Let it sing in your whole being, as an act of love and commitment to God’s will; to love and mercy unbound. Amen I sing. Amen!

Let us pray this prayer humbly, knowing that as we do so, we enter intimately into the presence and essence of relationship between the Father and the Son. Let us remember that Jesus prayed these words himself.

Let us pray with confidence and trust and with new eyes to see and new minds to know the truth of this prayer, for each of us. Let us be aware of the hope and even perhaps trepidation, with which Jesus himself  may have entered on his own pathway to the cross and pray these words tenderly with fresh insight into the love and relationship between the Father and the Son.

It is a prayer of acceptance and absolute reassurance of God as love, as a God who can, will and does protect us unconditionally.

Let us pray the prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, that we may know with absolute certainty, that we are held by the love of the Father and the Son.

And that we do not pray alone. The power of the Word of God prays in us, as we utter each syllable and no harm will come to us, for of this we can be certain, all protection, all love and all mercy will be received.



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