Never limit God


When things get desperate and suffering deteriorates further and isolation and neglect threaten to overwhelm us, this is when we need to reach out and ask in confidence that we will be heard and answered powerfully and be open to receive in abundance and trust.

We have found this to be true in our own lives.

This is not easy, yet God is so present with those who suffer and knows each burden that we carry and He can  and will transform and transfigure our lives.

At the most horrendous of moments, when all has seemed lost and impossible, the infinite love  and mercy of God is ever present and powerful beyond all imagining.

Let us not then, limit God, by any short sightedness or limited perspective, nor be cut off from Him by our desperate experiences and depth of suffering.

Let us hold out our hands to receive His blessing and trust that even seemingly impossible things can be possible with God. And remain hopeful of His Power and goodness, His kindness and tenderness towards us;  trusting in  this in all the circumstances  we find ourselves in. Amen


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