Let God lift you



Every day can be a struggle, especially for those dealing with serious illness, physical pain, personal bereavement, loss. The demands of ordinary living can threaten to overwhelm us and press in on us, making everything even harder to bear. Pain can be unimaginable, intolerable, never ending. Loss can feel so final that all hope is taken away.

It is especially at times like this that the light of God can suddenly, mysteriously and amazingly touch our lives and bring us strength and hope unexpected, so that a new vision become apparent.

It is at times like this when we can suddenly feel God’s gracious presence, utterly here with us and feel His gentle touch as He lifts us and carries us most carefully, through the day. Always remember He loves and tends to our needs.

He can transform the bleakest moment and save us.

So seek His loving arms for comfort and consolation, his strength to lift us through the most dire of moments. Trust in Him. He is with us, for that is His promise.


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