When suffering comes to us


When suffering comes to us, it can be intense and overwhelming, merciless and unrelenting. It can threaten to overpower us, to bring despair as its companion, with no let up and no apparent hope necessarily.

It is then our relationship with God, which helps us beyond our greatest imagining, for it is here that He reaches out to us, both intimately through prayerful connection and contemplative communion, in His personal presence with us, as well as through others, who see our need and respond with compassion and caring, whether friend or often times a stranger.

The Lord works in mysterious ways bringing unexpected sustenance, a kind word or gift, a change in attitude, help unexpected, a shift in possibility, an easement of pain, a new path of healing.

His hand can be felt and seen at work in so many different ways and the result is always a lightness of heart and a moment of comfort or consolation even in the most barren of circumstances.

It is then that our helplessness can turn to hopefulness, for we depend on His love and He responds in all fullness. Amen


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