Ashes are the focus of today, so burned and seemingly lifeless, yet from the ashes the Phoenix rises. We place ash, from the fire, on our plants because it is full of nutrients; amazingly life comes forth, strengthened and sustained.

The invisible goodness of the ashes brings strength to the plants and beauty to the world. Let it also be so in our own lives.

May God tend our lives this Ash Wednesday and bring forth new and unexpected growth, so that we can transcend whatever suffering we have to bear and feel fed, watered, blessed and encouraged to grow in new ways, to find the light and move towards it, just as the bulbs waiting in the ground do so.

As Spring comes in, may we blossom anew, bringing our own unique beauty, our special qualities to the world.

May you be blessed and grow , held in the Heart of Love, empowered by the Holy Trinity. Amen


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