A background in nursing, training and development, experiential learning,counselling, life-coaching has helped me cope, survive, grow hugely through two decades of caring full time for my wife who has Very Severe ME : her life is one of constant, inexpressible agony on every possible level. Her illness goes untreated, denied, People with Severe ME are still being left to suffer and die, mostly alone – the isolation becomes extreme.

I have recently been short-listed by the British Journal of Nursing for Nurse of the Year 2015.

I have learned a great deal about self-motivation, taking a stand, risk, courage, campaigning. In order to communicate more effectively I spent two years studying web design and coding : I am proficient in HTML, CSS, WordPress and Javascript. That has enabled me to build Stonebird : the “lived experience of Severe ME“.

I never stop reaching out, researching, writing. My “Severe ME” book is in its second edition, it is my fourth book, with two others, including a children’s novel nearing completion.

My background is also in religion : I spent several years studying for the Catholic priesthood- an excellent grounding in spirituality, which stays with me still and classical philosophy. I am shocked at the wholesale neglect of the most ill by the Church; my MA Dissertation was awarded a distinction for its study of the impact of Chronic Illness upon marriage , highlighting the neglect that we and many others daily experience.

It has inspired me to build the Holy Way : in essence my life’s work.


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