Too frightened to look

For many it  is too frightening, too radical, too overwhelming to look into the complete mystery of another’s  suffering.

When fully comprehended, it is almost too much to dare to look, to dare to open yourself to feel, to dare to hear the acuteness of the pain or grief of the person who is suffering. Even though you long to desire to help, there are few who do not feel intimidated by the vastness of the experience.

(From my book “Beyond Normal Prayer” : out soon)


Praise vanquishes fear.

praise vanquishes fearPraise is a powerful tool to hold, in your heart, when entering more deeply into the spiritual life. Praise lifts us above the immediate situation and feeling we find ourselves in. It lifts us into truth and love. It gives us a greater perspective, a clearer view. It helps us see truly and remember who we are. And that is love. It vanquishes fear and misdirection.

The Way of the Carer


You are a person of courage and integrity

If you care for a long time, you might find yourself standing alone, outside most organisations, institutions, structures, parties, groups.

You might find you are tremendously free, of all that.

If you care for a long time, you will have faced your naked , hidden self countless times a day, you will have been thoroughly stripped of any illusions you might have had about your own motivation and  strength.

You are a person of courage and dignity.

In the darkness you will have uttered your deepest cry, not someone else’s , not another’s slogan,  prayer, mantra, doctrinal or corporate mission statement.

You know Mercy; in your freedom you will have transcended fear.

You are a person of truth.

You are a person of  integrity and light.