The Way of the Carer


You are a person of courage and integrity

If you care for a long time, you might find yourself standing alone, outside most organisations, institutions, structures, parties, groups.

You might find you are tremendously free, of all that.

If you care for a long time, you will have faced your naked , hidden self countless times a day, you will have been thoroughly stripped of any illusions you might have had about your own motivation and  strength.

You are a person of courage and dignity.

In the darkness you will have uttered your deepest cry, not someone else’s , not another’s slogan,  prayer, mantra, doctrinal or corporate mission statement.

You know Mercy; in your freedom you will have transcended fear.

You are a person of truth.

You are a person of  integrity and light.




Singing in Rhythm


More and more I am valuing stillness, being quiet; that is the immense gift caring has giving me, over many years.

I read the most beautiful passage the other day, by Jane Williams :

Those who struggle to free the oppressed, feed the poor and heal the sick; those who sit beside a dying and frightened child and assure her that she is part of the loving human family of God; they are all singing with the rhythm with which the world was created. Whenever we draw another human being into our community, or refuse to allow groups of people to be treated as though they were hardly human and do not matter, we are demonstrating what we believe the world is for.

Those words have stayed with me, I have been pondering their immense truth.

One of the struggles, I have found, as a carer is the pressure, from society, to be “someone”, to acquire celebrity status, fame, wealth; the carer path, in so many ways , seemingly, is the exact opposite of that !

Yet as Jane Williams so beautifully describes, I am blessed .  The “rhythm with which the world was created“,  I can tell you , is a song of freedom, real wealth and joy.


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