And the Holy Spirit is Power indeed

flames of fireThe Holy Spirit is Power indeed: pure love in action, unstoppable and awesome to experience and know.

When you ask the Holy Spirit to come upon you and you accept the Holy Spirit into your life, prayer can never really be the same again. For you can feel the power of every syllable uttered, a vast spiritual energy that is beyond description and can only truly be felt and known through accepting the Holy Spirit to live with you and in you, transfiguring all as it flows through you.

The Spirit brings amazing gifts, to aid you, and transforms you, in the same way as the disciples in the Upper room were transformed, who were cowering in fear before the Spirit ascended upon them.

When the Spirit is upon you, you feel the sheer power and joy of being. Your prayer takes on new energy. You speak with God in you. He acts through you. It is incredible. You know your prayer is heard and answered. You can feel the power of love within you.

The gifts of the Spirit are many and given as needed to fulfil God’s work here on Earth. Do not be afraid of God’s gifts, freely given, to benefit mankind, but use discernment to know what truly comes from God. Discernment is a gift of the Spirit, so that you know that what you seek and what you speak is true.

As Easter passes, so we look with joyful hope toward Pentecost and the coming of the Spirit!