Taking down the wall of impossibility

For if we believe a thing is impossible, then indeed it will be so, whether it is in fact true or not.And I thought about impossibility and I saw that what is impossible in our eyes may be only that. For if we believe a thing is impossible, then indeed it will be so, whether it is in fact true or not. For I saw that God has a greater view and a bigger picture and a wider time frame, than is beyond our imagining.

I saw that when we place our hearts and mind in God, we can perhaps find ways beyond impossibility, if only we begin. If only we look with eyes of love and proceed with words of wisdom.

If we approach the wall of impossibility, even if we have to take it down, one brick at a time, perhaps we can let a little more light in, perhaps we can see a little more clearly what and where the next step should go. Until, slowly, quietly, gently miraculously, we stand, against the odds, in the most impossible place we could imagine. And we know that believing in impossibility will no longer bind us to keep us stuck in the darkest, bleakest place.

For when we look with fear, we see impossibility and when we look with God, we see we are moving, however inadequately or slowly, towards love. For there is always a way forward, when we take the hand of God and trust and wait for guidance. It will be given. And the light will shine, because it is always there, leading us on and holding us safe. Amen


We are all united in Love

We are all held and united in LoveWhen we find God we know we are safe, we know that we are saved and can never be truly alone or separated, even from those who have died, because we are all held and united in the wonder and the power of that Love and all things are possible and miracles occur. No one is excluded, everyone is given this gift; for it is the gift of Life itself.

To be saved is the most wonderful, indescribable gift of love. To be found, to be loved, to be cared for, to be held by God, means we need no more than this.


The Source of Mercy

The source of mercy was, is and shall ever be love

..some more insights  on Mercy from my wife, Linda :

The source of Mercy was love, is love and shall ever be love; this  is truly beyond words, can be seen only with spiritual eyes, is present for everyone and heals all hurt, saves all souls.

Mercy is how forgiveness is possible. Mercy is how unforgiveness can be redeemed. Mercy is how reaching heaven is possible. Mercy is how Christ is with us. Mercy is how we have eternal life. Mercy is how all is made well, whether in time or outside time.

Mercy is how we can pray, is how we enter into relationship with God, is how we can discern spiritual truth.

Mercy is all that is held in the Heart of Love, for all is touched my Mercy and there is no place that Mercy is not.”

Praise vanquishes fear.

praise vanquishes fearPraise is a powerful tool to hold, in your heart, when entering more deeply into the spiritual life. Praise lifts us above the immediate situation and feeling we find ourselves in. It lifts us into truth and love. It gives us a greater perspective, a clearer view. It helps us see truly and remember who we are. And that is love. It vanquishes fear and misdirection.

In a desperate place.

the cross and holy spiritSometimes we feel emptied of everything except pain and loss. It is not easy to cope here, but if we look innerly, see beyond the barrenness of our experience, cling tightly to the Cross, we may find that even in this most desperate of places, love can touch us and the Spirit can bring us gifts to use and our lives can be filled with new strength,with new hope, with new understanding.

And somehow we have managed to cope with the uncopeable with, we have borne the unbearable, we have held on till the moment has passed and we have been lifted by the Spirit into the Heart of Love, from which all Mercy flows. Amen

Love, Compassion, Mercy

these gifts will empower you

When we first got married it seemed there was no end to what we could dream. But devastating, crippling, never- ending sickness and profound disability came and never went away. Now our dreams are necessarily limited. Not many could cope.

We have not only had to take on living within and through constant suffering, we have had to deal with the lack of resolution . Other people get sick and get better, there is an end to it. Here, after 21 years, there is no end remotely in sight, in fact it gets worse by the day.

To take on a journey like this, three things are necessary : the ability to embrace uncertainty, the courage to hold on, the desire to grow – in other words, Faith, Hope and Love.

 The carer, who  enters in and dares to tread where others would not dare ,who  sees what no one else will see, will end up taking on many things

When you enter, with open heart into the life of someone ,  fragile, vulnerable, physically ill and incapacitated, it is very important that you see things clearly and that you still maintain some sense of self, so that your whole world does not become consumed by the illness.

Beware of taking on more than you should, of identifying with the person more than is healthy, of over identifying with the ill person’s experience and somehow making it your own, this will not help either of you.

To take on what is right and just and not to take on that which you should not, turn your eyes to God and always ask for His help. His gifts of the Spirit are powerful.

There is great need for wisdom, discernment, truth, there is great need for love, compassion, mercy.

These gifts will empower you, will heal you, will aid you and remember that these gifts are not just for you to use for others, but also to use for yourself. Always be kind to yourself, always seek for understanding and self awareness.

Self awareness, illuminated by God’s light, empowered by God’s Spirit, filled with God’s compassion and mercy, will keep you safe.