Every prayer is a gift

God can enter into the  bleakest places.. and touch and heal  and bless in  untold ways.

For all the moments that I have coped

When nothing is right and nothing is possible

And everything is indescribable, unrelenting pain and paralysis,

When blankness overwhelms my mind

And despair is the most likely choice

Yet somehow, I get through,

I give thanks and praise for all those people,

Known and unknown, who pray and pray and continue

To pray for me,

without thanks or acknowledgment, or even recognition perhaps,

Yet who know of my secret torment and tortured life

And care enough to send out a spark of God’s light

To touch my life in the darkest, most treacherous moments,

So that miracles can in fact happen

and a moment of inner peace bless me,

Despite the profound impact of this illness.

I give thanks for you all.

For every prayer is a gift from God

And every prayer is touched with love and hope,

When hope may seem unlikely or impossible,

Both from without and within,

Yet God can enter in, to the bleakest places, with prayer and mercy

And touch and heal and bless in untold ways,

Even if that healing seems initially insignificant or too small to make a difference,

Even if it is only a single cell changed or a shuddering or shallow breath breathed

Or a moment of pain borne beyond endurance.

Still it can build into a bigger picture, a blessed life lived in tremendous suffering.

Still here.

For each prayer is precious and each day survived, a gift

And each moment of prayer touching my life

A moment of unimaginable grace.



When people pray in absolute trust and faith

A hand and a heart

What is so moving is the felt presence of God, when people pray in absolute trust and faith. Each word then glistens with the power of the Holy Spirit, new depth of insight, new visions of hope can be inspired.

When a person prays ardently and sincerely the Word of God shines out deepening its meaning, transcending the present moment, linking all in the hope beyond time that emanates from the truth of the Heart of Love.

The most wonderful, awesome presence of God links and unites all. Transformed in the silence, one single person praying in sincerity, touches the whole world. And nothing can be the same again.