In silence we touch our deepest potential to heal

Tenderness is at the heart of survival in the situation that we find ourselves in. We call this need for tenderness in caring for someone with Severe ME “The MOMENT APPROACH : Maximising Opportunity to Meet Need Tenderly.”

The tenderness we talk about within the context of unspeakable pain, irritability, hypersensitivity , struggle is ultimately like the tenderness and vision of a child , trusting that all will be well , trusting in growth, trusting in love, trusting in goodness, trusting in God the Father ,who holds us all, in the whole of creation, in an ongoing act of renewal.

Each moment is an opportunity to regard each other in tenderness , despite our suffering.

Each moment is an opportunity for a sacred, healing, moment of connection. Let us not forget that God holds us tenderly too. And our little story is part of the universe and all then, is safely held, in the power of the cross and the Heart of Love : the power of the awesome Mighty Trinity, so that as Julian of Norwich reminds us ” All will be well and all will be well and all manner of things will be well ” , even if we do not know how this will be.

Let us all then seek tenderness, openness of relationship, kindness, goodness, gentleness, love and respect in our relationships with ourselves,each other and God.



Within silence.

silence is not empty

Silence is the fullness of God! The word is complete within the silence. All creativity exists here. This is where the unuttered becomes known. It is where what is not yet become, is revealed and arises.

If we listen we can hear in the silence for the silence is not empty, as imagined and perhaps even feared. It is a vast fullness of awe and wonder where life itself and all being originates from. And all things are possible. And even things we do not appear to know can be found here, prompted by the spirit, entered into with the heart wide open, for this is how creation becomes. It already exists in invisible realms that we can only feel and know when we step into the silence and place ourselves in a state of waiting and listening.

Here we find the tunes of the angels dancing in our souls and the messages of God: the Word alive and aloud and very very present in the apparent emptiness of life yet to be created. This is the exciting joy of revelation, bringing new things into being, greater than we can think or imagine sometimes. For all creation emanates from this profound silence where all is full and yet to be revealed.

Do not be daunted by the normal, the habits or the seeming emptiness of life: the future can be full of wonderful things, new ideas, new thoughts, new knowledge, new creation and gifts yet to come, especially when we enter into silence and there find God, in all His awesome mystery and splendour, revealing beauty unimaginable and joy unbidden.

Sometimes it is better to rely not just on what we know, on what is familiar, but ask for new ears to hear the fullness of God’s heart and new eyes to see what is possible and new, yet to come, that we can create ourselves, with inspiration and trust, with new hope and love in our own hearts.