God gives us tears

sometimes all we can do is weep

Tears are the gift of love to heal the deepest hurt, they are a solace to the open wounds of grief, they are an expression of the indescribable pain within the deepest part of the body and the soul. Sometimes we cry for others, sometimes we cry deep tears of empathy or even resignation.

Sometimes all we can do is weep, sometimes the sheer amount of hurts within, seem as if they will be unstoppable, once released, yet God gave us tears to help us be cleansed and healed, saved. He knows of their power to express, release, comfort and restore.

Even when the tears are vast, the sobbing huge, the exhaustion of expression seemingly too much or merely silently falling without words, yet still as heart empties, if we offer them up to God, he can hear them as a prayer and touch the world in some unique and hidden way that heals.

Even when all are spent and it seems as if nothing else will ever be felt again, that your isolation and separation from all that is good seems complete, that you cannot see ahead of you with hope or light, God can see and God knows a bigger picture and God can lead you on, even when everything seems hopeless and you feel helpless and lost. Tears then, can be a healing balm, can water the most tiny seed of hope to grow and become something new within you. You can find a path of consolation and despair can be truly banished in Jesus’ loving name. Amen