God has never let me down.

God has never let me down

The important thing to remember, when asking in faith for God’s help in your life, is to trust that He is there and He wills only good for us. In every difficult situation I have found myself in, by placing myself and the situation, in trust, in God’s goodness, things have always worked to good.

In trusting I hold my focus on the light and goodness of God and His promise to save me (see Psalm 91). It is then so important to keep my heart and mind in the knowledge of His love and the blessing that trust brings.

God has never let me down. He has always kept His promise.


Thoughts of God

Cover of Unstoppable Spirit

We have always loved birds. How incredible that they fly and swoop and defy gravity. How wonderful to fly through the air, catching the thermals, gliding on the breeze, or flitting here and there through the sky, then disappearing from view, flying so high they are just tiny dots, chasing each other, perusing their territory, or simply running up the path or hopping about in the hedges. There are so many birds – it certainly seems so if you have ever caught the dawn chorus! How majestic, noble, awesome, yet pure and simple their lives, how trusting when they come to you asking for food, believing you will feed them.

We have had our favourites down the years, special precious moments with the birds of our garden, who have brought us moments of intense joy and unexpected peace and happiness: Old Grandfather blackbird who features on the cover of Unstoppable Spirit, who fed his children faithfully and long, seen flying across the sky chasing off a raven, 4 times his size, from attacking his brood. What courage and bravery we witness in our garden, stuck to the ground, all eyes on our champion birds, as the perils of the sky unfold before our eyes.

Or the rare moments when one of the doves opens up her wing and fluffs her feathers up to sit in tangible peace, including us in her circle of radiant trust as she catches the warmth of the sun.

Then there was the dare devil robin who seemed to turn into a spitfire with his beak, flying straight at a poor unsuspecting field mouse, delicately nibbling a nut. The mouse and the nut seemed to suddenly fly through the air, as the robin robbed him of his dinner!

We think of them all as thoughts of God. Their beginning and their end, held in the Heart of Love. As Jesus says, if God will take care and feeds and clothes a sparrow, how much more will he give to you?

In this we must trust: that we are all held mysteriously and mystically in the Heart of Love, from where miracles, beauty and joy arise and flow bountifully out for-evermore.