Oh Heart of Love, oh Mighty Trinity
Bless our lives in unimagined ways.

What is a blessing if not an unimagined gift, something new, vibrant, alive, special, bringing hope, comfort, joy, strength: a renewing of the day by means of an unexpected moment of goodness that can lift and transfigure your life, change perception, bring new clarity, help to see a different view, give strength of purpose, shine light in a dark tunnel, receive an unexpected present, accept a kind word rightly timed, be touched by a miracle of healing, find a saving from distress, gain help in the bearing of intractable pain.

A blessing has myriad forms and is perfect for the receiver, each individual has their own special need and we can trust that any blessing given by God will be just right for that person, in that moment, in that way. For such is the intimacy of relationship with God and such the span of love and awareness of the Holy Three, that each blessing will be perfect for the one in need.

Therefore let us not limit our requests for blessings for ourselves or others, but rely on the absolute Knowledge of the Heart of Love to bless us again and again, in perfect and absolute abundance!


(From the new book : Living in the Heart of Love”)

Announcing “Living in the Heart of Love”


At last, after months of work, revision the new book is ready !  I am delighted to announce the publication of “Living in the Heart of Love“, a book for those that suffer.

For more information, please see the  brochure here.

This is the book  webpage.

Here is an overview:

This is a reading from the book :

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MY HEAD IS COMPRESSED by the illness. All thought is an effort against the crushing pressure of nothingness that oppresses my mind where thought and aliveness, light and brilliance should be.


My body thumps its painful rhythm in time with my heartbeat, truly I struggle in these moments. I seek God innerly in the gloom. I look with inner vision through the heavy fog for the golden glow of His Love. I feel that golden light, His Presence, gently holding me. My heart is golden yet with warm feelings to dispel the outward chill of numbness, paralysis, pain.


What then is prayer in this place of no thought? A few stumbling words perhaps. Yet still above, beyond, within this tormenting existence is His Presence, alive with beauty and oneness. This then is my prayer.


The wonder of His Being, present in all of me, radiating holiness, despite the physical suffering. Let me feel you oh Lord.

(FROM:”Living in the Heart of Love“, a new book for those who suffer, out soon)

Living on the Edge


fireTHOSE WHO LIVE ON the edge, those who suffer without end, those who experience profound persecution, abuse, oppression, discrimination, those who hang, stripped naked on a Cross, do not find it easy, sometimes, to think clearly, systematically about what to do, if anything.

When you are nailed to the wood, the suffering is intense.
In such circumstances, it is hard to face our own nakedness, our inadequacy of response, our weakness, our fragility, our own helplessness in the face of injustice.


It is hard to find words that can meet the need and what difference can we make, if any? We have to ask ourselves, how can we truly be present in the face of grief and outrage?

Jesus once said that he had come to light a fire; how he wished it was burning. (Lk 12:49)

What kind of fire burns in my heart: is it a pleasant-enough warmth or is there a flaming torch in my hand: the torch, the sword of the Spirit, inspired by love?

Wielding the sword of the Spirit, protected by the Breastplate of Integrity and the Buckler of Truth, we go forward into battle, seeking and speaking the Truth.

No Words


Her pain is terrible today, her tears a fire, it is impossible to see the soft summer morning’s beauty, the gentle shadows, such is her agony.

Another day lost.

I have run out of words to pray.

We hold onto Love at the centre.

All is stripped away from us by the circumstances and experience of this illness. The pain of the Cross is very real. The sacrifice of the one who loves is immense, the carer who loves and stays despite the pain and torment he both sees and feels, is ravaged daily by the storms of the Cross.
The love, the open-heart of the carer for the beloved is a wound that brings forth the greatest compassion and untold wisdom in the world of suffering. It brings clear sight of injustice and calls for the need for Truth and Integrity on the path ahead.
The sufferer too lies pinioned in pain on the Cross with Christ. Each throb of pain is an onslaught and a torture.
Each moment of inability, of incapacitating paralysis, breathlessness, is a moment of shared anguish with the Lord.
Each second of spreading numbness, pushes the sufferer further away from the world . Each exquisite level of torture played out on the person with Severe ME is a part of the suffering Christ on the Cross. There is no separation from the hurt of the world, for the Lord, the carer, the sufferer, all are bound in agony by their experience and by their love for each other.
God loves us. Of this be certain. God knows all our pain. Of this be certain too.
We are all bound to the Cross in His intimacy of suffering.
Few remain with us.

Few remain, yet all are loved. We hold to the Cross. We cling to each other and spiritually our need is great. Our hearts are all open. For whom can we turn to in such suffering other than to God ?

Even if it feels like He has abandoned us, this not so. We cannot always bear nor understand the level of distress and pain we suffer, yet we can hold fast to the truth.
We can bear our suffering with love at the centre. We can know in all certainty that even if we know not how we will cope yet still we will cope., and more than this, great gifts of goodness, great spiritual blessings, will flow from our steadfastness to love.
And that is all we must focus on. The Heart of Love, feeling our pain, becoming our pain, being all pain. And finally the Heart of Love healing all pain.

We may not feel healed. We may not feel God’s presence, even in the darkest depths of suffering, yet truly the Light of the World is with us and He bears all hurt for all time and as we enter too into this mystery with Him, so we are all saved.

For Love, though it appears to fail on the Cross of Good Friday will ultimately triumph and leads us always on to the Glory of God, to Light, to Healing, to Hope, to Mercy.